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KLUB KAKOFANNEY bands and artists who played in 2010

Bands and artists who played during 2010

Friday 5th February 2010
The New Moon
Friday 5th March 2010
Body Glass
Small Machine
Age Of Misrule
Friday 2nd April 2010
Switch 60
Horns of Plenty
Friday 7th May 2010
Veda Park
Mundane Sands
Matt Winkworth
Friday 4th June 2010
The Mighty Redox
Country For Old Men
Mark Atherton And Friends
Friday 2nd July 2010
The Shakellers
International Jetsetters
Welcome to Peepworld
Friday 3rd September 2010
Deer Chicago
Knights of Mentis
The Unforgiven
Friday 1st October 2010
Cocaine Cowboys
Blin' Jonnie
Mark Sollis
Friday 5th November 2010
Space Heroes of the People
Vicars of Twiddly
The Mark Bosley Band
Friday 3rd December 2010
The Black Hats
Keeling Curve
Little Fish
Two Pure

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