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KLUB KAKOFANNEY bands and artists who played in 2012

Bands and artists who played during 2012

Friday 6th January 2012
Space Heroes of the People
Blin' Jonnie
Moon Leopard
Phil and Chris
Friday 3rd February 2012
Vienna Ditto
Yellow Fever
Who's Felix?
Friday 2nd March 2012
The Mighty Redox
Torn Like Colours
Lost Dogs
Friday 6th April 2012
Vicars of Twiddly
Knights of Mentis
Friday 4th May 2012
Mundane Sands
Mary Bendytoy
Not Too Shabby
Friday 1st June 2012
Fuzzy Logic
Osprey's All-Stars
Friday 6th July 2012
The Cellar Family
Creepy Uncle
The Right Hooks
Friday 7th September 2012
The Graceful Slicks
The Hawkhurst
Charms Against The Evil Eye
Friday 5th October 2012
Mark Bosley Band
Dead Girl Park
Beaver Fuel
Saturday 13th October 2012
Fuzzy Logic
The Brickwork Lizards
The Mighty Redox
Mary's Garden
Empty Vessels
Torn Like Colours
Friday 2nd November 2012
Agness Pike
Talc Demons
The Reckless Sleepers
Friday 7th December 2012
Knights of Mentis
Big Society
The Indescribable Unknown
Elephant Shampoo

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