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KLUB KAKOFANNEY bands and artists who played in 2013

Bands and artists who played during 2013

Friday 4th January 2013
Osprey's All-Stars
Moon Rabbit
Phil Zinger and Chris Hills
Friday 1st February 2013
Les Clochards
Green Children of Wolfpit
Siobahn McCluskey
Friday 1st March 2013
Hardcoresman of the Technopalypse
Children of the Sun
Friday 5th April 2013
Vienna Ditto
Damn Vandals
Oxford Ukuleles
Friday 3rd May 2013
These Are Our Demands
Charms Against The Evil Eye
Purple May
Mark Sollis
Friday 7th June 2013
Empty Vessels
Non-Stop Tango
Friday 5th July 2013
Walt Frisbee
The Hawkhurst
Stone Connection
Friday 6th September 2013
Agness Pike
Dallas Don't
Phil and Sue
Friday 4th October 2013
The Black Hats
Listing Ships
Knights of Mentis
Friday 1st November 2013
Jane Likes Books
Friday 6th December 2013
The Brickwork Lizards
Space Heroes of the People
Twelve Clay Feet

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