Sunday 16th February 2020: Mark Atherton and Friends, Puppet Mechanic, Tony Batey and Sal Moore, Matt Sewell

Mark Atherton and Friends
Mark Atherton and his movable feast of friends and musicians serve up a selection of folk music and songs of the sea, and a reincarnation of the first ever pop song of ancient Britain.

Puppet Mechanic
Oxford's Puppet Mechanic comprises five guys who mix thoughtful words and baritone vocals alongside jaunty guitars and rhythms, with the odd ukulele thrown in.

Tony Batey and Sal Moore
Well known around the Oxford music scene, Tony and Sal will be strumming out the blues on guitars.

Matt Sewell
Matt Sewell takes a break from his role in Charms Against The Evil Eye to play a solo acoustic set of original songs.

The Wheatsheaf, Oxford
129 High Street
Oxford OX1 4DF