Klub Kakofanney Reloaded (Klub Kakofanney Lockdown Letter)

Klub Kakofanney Reloaded

I hope you are all keeping well, and coping with life in lockdown. Keep strong and stay safe and we'll get through this. Its the first Friday of the month and that should have been Klub Kakofanney night at The Wheatsheaf, so I'm getting withdrawl symptoms already. We might not be able to gather there in person, but we can still have some music.

Crystallite Reloaded

We have uploaded a video to youtube, the first of our Klub Kakofanney Reloaded videos, where I have put together some of the pieces from a classic Klub Kakofanney set from a few years ago to form a 30 minute musical extravanganza. This first in the reloaded series features the Crystallite set from 2016. So get yourself a can of your favourite tipple, cover up the budgie, draw the curtains, turn up the music, and dance like no-one is watching. If you have a dog, I'm sure they'll want to join in too. Cat's though, they'll just scowl and shake their heads in dismay before going back to sleep again. Here is the link:

If you were at that gig, I hope it brings the memories flooding back of how much fun we all had, and if you missed that gig, I hope you enjoyed it just as much anyway. No-one knows how long the lockdown will last, but I'll try to keep producing reloaded gigs until the time comes when we can all meet up again.

An acoustic session from Phil and Sue

In case you missed it, last Sunday was originally scheduled to be our Sunday afternoon acoustic session at the Wheatsheaf, so instead we used that date to create the first of our Klub Kakofanney Unplugged sessions. In this first one, Phil and Sue recorded a special performance from the sitting room, playing some of the material that you might not be so familiar with. Again, we hope to involve other local musicians and make these a regular feature during these dark times.

Apologies in advance if I've sent you more than one copy of this, and if I've missed anyone off, it wasn't intentional so feel free to forward to your other band members. I hope what you like what we've done so far, that it helps keep the spirit of music alive and well inside you, and reminds you that even if we can't meet face to face, you are still in our thoughts.

3rd April 2020
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