A little bit of reggae does you good... baggaboom baggaboom (Klub Kakofanney Lockdown Letter)

A little bit of reggae does you good... baggaboom baggaboom

I hope you are all still keeping well out there. Thank goodness we have the internet to keep in touch. If you are feeling a bit gloomy, here is some reggae magic to funk up your day, a reload from the amazing Storyteller of some of the best bits of their terrific set at Klub Kakoafanney in 2019:

Brown Glove unplugged

Remember too that we have some unplugged videos for you. The unplugged videos are original performances recorded specially for Klub Kakofanney. Our most recent Unplugged comes from that crazy duo, Brown Glove:

We've got more unplugged videos in the pipeline from our Klub Kakofanney regulars, so stay tuned to the Klub Kakofanney YouTube channel for some musical treats.

Phil and Sue, Applauding the care workers

Finally, if you have enjoyed Phil and Sue's unplugged performances, you won't want to miss their doorstep gig last week when they showed their appreciation for the NHS:

No-one knows when we will be able to venture outdoors again and when we'll be able to plug back in to the Wheatsheaf, but until then, stay safe, stay in touch.

17th April 2020
The Lockdown Letters
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