Stayin In (Klub Kakofanney Lockdown Letter)

Stayin In

"This song's called Stayin In", says Glenda. "Its about stayin in". It sounds like a heavy rock anthem for these times, but it comes from 2015, and I discovered it on twenty minutes of old footage I found in the archives of Phyal's final gig. I know a lot of you have great memories of Phyal, so here they are reloaded for you to enjoy.

Music from Mark Bosley, and his time-travelling partners in crime

If you are an acoustic music fan, make sure you check out our latest unplugged video. This time its Oxford's very own one-man Doctor Who fan club, who else but Mark Bosley, strumming out songs on guitar especially for us. And yes, that is a tardis on his bookshelf.

I don't know when our favourite haunts will open again or when we'll get back to being able to hold real gigs, but whenever that is, Klub Kakofanney will be back. I know staying in isn't easy, but its something we have to do. Please, everyone take care of yourselves take care of each other, and stay safe,

25th April 2020
The Lockdown Letters
Klub Kakofanney