Mayday,... Mayday (Klub Kakofanney Lockdown Letter)

Mayday,... Mayday

In other years, many of you would have been out at the crack of dawn today, dashing down to town to enjoy the May-morning celebrations followed by a beer for breakfast and a Redox gig in the Wheatsheaf? I'll be honest, I'm not that hardcore. Most years I just don't wake up early enough to go to the May Day shindig, and even if I manage to drag myself out of bed in time, I look like a glassy-eyed zombie staggering around the town centre and gurgling incoherently, and at six in the morning that's not a pretty sight.

But in keeping with the Mayday spirit, here is a video I shot back in 2015, of a May-morning street performance by Horns Of Plenty, a band which has played a couple of times at Klub Kakofanney in the past 10 years. Recognise any of the faces?

Did you enjoy that? I did. So here is another piece from them filmed on the same misty morning. When I say "misty", I think that was probably the haze induced in the brain by the early morning drinking.

Peerless Pirates reloaded

Digging through my archives today, I've found some footage of Peerless Pirates from their Klub Kakofanney gig for us last summer. It was a hot and steamy night, made even steamier by the relentless dancing of the Pirate's peerless fans who can always be counted on to liven up any room. I remember it was so raucous that night that it was difficult to get a clear shot at the stage, and so humid that the camera lens kept steaming up, but that's the best sort of gig to be at. You might find this video set interesting because it features some of the more recent and lesser known material from the Pirates in their current line-up. Enjoy.

Remember, we have another unplugged session for you coming up on Sunday. Meanwhile, stay safe everyone.

1st May 2020
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