Lying in the morning sun (Klub Kakofanney Lockdown Letter)

Lying in the morning sun

Stonehenge is closed, but the solstice sunrise was broadcast live on the internet. What a strange world we live in. How are you spending your longest day of the summer?

We seem to be coming out of lockdown faster than many expected? Are we unlocking too soon? Does anyone understand the latest rules on how many people can congregate in a back garden if two are related, four own dogs, three came on the bus in a facemask, and one needs an eye test? What sort of changes would we need to make before you feel comfortable coming back to gigs again? I expect there will be a post-lockdown ballad or two about beating the covid blues. Lets hope we can hear those songs live in the not too distant future.

More Mark Bosley, more dubious companions

Meanwhile, here is a brand new Klub Kakofanney Unplugged performance from Oxford's very own Master Of Misery and Doctor Who aficionado, who else but Mark Bosley? This set includes Underdog Nation, one of his most popular songs. Underdog Nation? Surely that's not about the UK, the nation that produced the world-beating covid app championed by the government,... oh, wait a minute,... tell you what, just play the video.

One law for you, one law for me

Impugnity, imugnity, one law for you, but not for me. No, it isn't a Dominic Cummings press release. Its Richie Stix and the Brain-People thrashing out some punk numbers at Klub Kakofanney, in a medley from last November. But don't worry, everyone's happy at last.

Lion in the morning sun

For a different sort of people, there is a band based in Brighton called Will and The People who are sadly neglected in the UK, but deservedly huge in places like Belgium and Netherlands. This wonderful live performance of Lion In The Morning Sun always puts a smile on my face. I hope you enjoy.

I hope you found yourself singing along to that one. Surely I'm not the only one.

14th June 2020
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