Dancing on our doorsteps (Klub Kakofanney Lockdown Letter)

Dancing on our doorsteps

Yet another TV talent show started this week, this time with Little Mix looking for the next generation of wannabes. Why does the mainstream media always want to manufacture a band and ignore the vast and diverse wealth of original and creative talent on our doorsteps?

This video is of one of the amazing talents on the Oxfordshire doorstep, the singer songwriter Laima playing at Klub Kakofanney back in October 2015.

[This video is no longer available]

From Mary's Garden to Grudgewood

One of Laima's previous bands was Mary's Garden which I think first played at Klub Kakofanney back in 2006. If I recall correctly, that band included Tim on drums and the irrepressible Snuffy on bass. These days those two, along with Matt on guitar, constitute Grudgewood, a band which has also wowed audiences in recent years with their heavyweight instrumentals. This is from their performance last year at Klub Kakofanney.

Sailor-suited Cider Girls

Music isn't just about sound, its also about rhythm and movement. In this video from Japan, the sailor-suited Cider Girls perform Fluctuation Dance at a cafe in a shopping centre. I was surprised to see how many people walk past in the background with only the occasional puzzled glance towards the dancers. It also interested me to see the way some of the dance moves are more "oriental" than we see in our western pop videos. The band chose the name Cider Girls because, just like cider, they wanted their music to be fizzy and bubbly.

Band of outsiders and the new wave

A trio dancing at a cafe inevitably reminds me of the charming dance scene in Jean-Luc Godard's 1964 new wave movie, Band Of Outsiders, featuring the late Anna Karina. Whilst the original scene is iconic, I love this homage from a few years ago of the original film clip over-dubbed with "Dance With Me" performed by the French band, Nouvelle Vague.

Which begs the question, which movie scene would you want to set your music to?

Endless repeats

A few weeks ago I thought we could see the light at the end of the tunnel of this covid crisis, but now it looks more like the light of an oncoming train, and for now we are condemned to endless repeats of Best Of Top Of The Pops 1981. If there are any developments towards being able to hold gigs again, we'll be sure to let you know.

27th September 2020
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