Coming up at Klub Kakofanney

We are now holding our first Friday events in The Gladiator Social Club on Iffley Road, (admission charges apply), and our Sunday events at The Tree in Iffley (admission free). Both venues are fully accessible.

The Mark Bosley Band

Sunday 21st August 2022. The Mark Bosley Band, Delta Hardware, Laima Bite: Music starts at 4pm. Free.


Beaver Fuel

Friday 9th September 2022. Beaver Fuel, Gravid, Superloose: Doors open at 7:30pm. Music starts at 7:45pm. £8, pay at the door.


Sunday 25th September 2022. A free afternoon show at The Tree. Music starts at 4pm. Free.



Friday 7th October 2022. Pandapopalypse, Pearl Diver, Alcon Blue: Doors open at 7:30pm. Music starts at 7:45pm. £8, pay at the door.



Saturday 8th October 2022. MarysGarden, The Mighty Redox, Emma Hunter, Mila Todd: Doors open at 7.30pm. Music starts at 7:45pm. £10, pay at the door.


Puppet Mechanic

Sunday 9th October 2022. Puppet Mechanic, Tony Batey and Sal Moore, TBC: Music starts at 4pm. Free.


About the Gladiator Club

Our Friday evening events are held in the function room of the Gladiator Social Club. The room we use at the back of the club. Use the main entrance on Iffley Road and walk through to the backroom where the gigs are held. The lounge and bar at the front of the club is for Gladiator Club members only.

The Gladiator Social Club
265 Iffley Road
Oxford OX4 1SJ

The Gladiator Club is fully accessible, including toilets, and the function room is has its own fully licensed bar with very competitive prices. There are no card facilities at this venue. Admission to the event and the bar is cash only.

Getting to The Gladiator

The Gladiator is on the corner of Percy Street and Iffley Road. It is on the number 3 bus route, (Magdalen Road bus stop) so really easy to get to. On-site parking is reserved for Gladiator Club members only and roadside public parking is limited, so please use public transport if at all possible.

About the Tree Hotel

Our Sunday social events are held at The Tree in the quiet suburb of Iffley. The events are held in the main bar or, weather permitting, in the garden.

The Tree Hotel
Church Way, Iffley
Oxford, OX4 4EY

The venue is accessible, and offers a range of Indian food. The grassy garden includes seating areas and a covered area making it very family friendly.

Getting to The Tree

The Tree is on the corner of Church Way and Tree Lane. It has its own car park at the back of the venue (entrance on Tree Lane), and on a Sunday afternoon there is plenty of kerbside parking available in the surrounding roads. If coming by bus, take one of the number 3 routes along Iffley Road and get off at the Iffley Turn stop. From there it is a short walk, about 500 meters, to The Tree.

More information about Klub Kakofanney events

Who founded Klub Kakofanney
Klub Kakofanney was founded by Phil Freizinger and Sue Smith, back in 1991, at a time when there was very little independent music and few music venues in Oxford. Its mission then, and now, was to support and encourage the independent music scene and unsigned musicians in Oxford, to provide a stage for both upcoming and established bands and artists to play. It is run on a not-for-profit basis, and staffed entirely by volunteers with a shared interest in original live music. We encourage bands to support one another and share backline where possible, to maximise performance time.
Do I need to book in advance?
No. For most of our events you just need to turn up and pay at the door. If we think an event might be sold out, we'll make sure we mention it in our listing of the event. Most months though, you can just turn up and pay at the door.
Do you have to be a club member?
No, it isn't a membership club at all. Anyone can come to our events, and everyone is welcome. Just turn up and pay at the door. However, the venues are licensed premises and may have an 18+ admissions policy.
Can I pay by card?
At the moment it is cash only for admission to the gig, and the Gladiator bar is also cash only. For our free Sunday sessions at The Tree, you can use cards at the bar.
Can I buy tickets online?
When online ticketing is available, we will include a link to the ticket agency in our events listings.
Is there a smoking area?
For health reasons, both smoking and vaping is prohibited, but for Gladiator events we operate the hand-stamp system so that anyone who has paid to come in may leave and re-enter the venue as often as they wish, so it is easy for smokers and vapers to step outside for a few minutes to enjoy a cigarette. The Tree has a spacious garden where smoking is permitted.
Can I bring my own drinks?
Sorry, no. You cannot bring in your own drinks. We are using venues which have their own bars and providesa wide range of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, at competitive prices.
Am I too old for rock music?
You are never too old, and you will find people of all ages at Klub Kakofanney events. We pride ourselves on our inclusiveness, creating a safe space, and everyone is welcome. You can dance, you can talk to people, or you can stand quietly and soak up the atmosphere. Its entirely up to you.
Is seating available?
Both venues have plenty of seating available, but it will be informal seating at tables, not theatre-style seating. If you need to be seated, or need tables moving to accommodate a wheelchair etc, please let us know and we will always do our best to make arrangements for you.
Will the music be too loud?
It will definitely be loud, but that is part of the joy of live music, that it infuses every part of your body. Many professional musicians and frequent gig-goers use earplugs at gigs to protect their hearing. We don't want anyone to suffer hearing damage, so if it feels too loud to you or you have forgotten your earplugs, please ask us for some disposables.
Can I take photographs?
Yes, of course. Please restrict your photos to the band members on stage, and to your own friends and family. Please avoid using flash photography in the faces of the musicians while they are playing.
Are the Sunday sessions open-mic?
No, bands and musicians are booked in advance and have a proper time slot. Please read the document "Information for bands and musicians".

Important information for bands and musicians wishing to play at Klub Kakofanney

We get a lot of people asking us for gigs, and we only run a limited number of events each year. Please do not include us in bulk mailshots asking for gigs. If you want to play for Klub Kakofanney, please make sure you read our information for bands before you contact us.

Information for bands and musicians