Sunday 19th January 2020: Franklin's Tower, Screamin' Irene, One For The Wall, The Jesters

Franklin's Tower
Franklins Tower plays Grateful Dead covers, and other original material played the way that Grateful Dead might have played it.

Screamin' Irene
The three-man Screamin' Irene push out powerful and haunting vocals with verses which speak of personal experiences, and choruses that scream out raw rock.

One For The Wall
A flexible assembly of four old friends from East Oxford who have got together again after 30 years to produce some new songs with strong melodies, interesting chord structures, and a vocalist, Jo, who has been described as "a bit like a posh Sandy Denny".

The Jesters
The Jesters use violin, bass, and guitar to turn out contemporary songs with a tradtional touch. Expect some rabble-rousing fiddle-playing

The Wheatsheaf, Oxford
129 High Street
Oxford OX1 4DF