Friday 7th February 2020: Mandrake Handshake, Moogieman & The Masochists, Beaver Fuel

Mandrake Handshake
Formerly known as Knobblehead, Mandrake Handshake is young, fun, and full of energy, an Oxford-based seven-piece psychedelic cacophony, mixing soft melodic vocals, fat fuzzy riffs and never-ending tambourine enthusiasm

Moogieman & The Masochists
Moogieman specialises in astringent popular song, with themes ranging from an imagined economy of romantic attachments to obscure computer programming contests and industrial action in space. His songs have been described as concise, contagious and deadpan.

Beaver Fuel
Punk rock in a business suit. Leigh plays guitar, sings and is mostly to blame, James plays bass and says stuff sometimes, Chris plays drums whilst barking and howling.