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Klub Kakofanney's Video Sessions

Videos to get you through the dark times. This is the full list of our Unplugged sessions, which are original performances self-filmed by the artists and bands involved, specially for Klub Kakofanney, and our Reloaded videos, which are a collection of pieces from great performances at past Klub Kakofanney events.

Reloaded: Anniversary Weekender, Sunday 10th October 2022. Klub Kakofanney has been supporting live music in Oxford since 1991. Our 30th Anniversary celebrations should have taken place in October 2021, but global pandemics postponed the party by a year. This is from our Sunday show, held at The Tree in Iffley, and features Strawman, The Mark Bosley Band, and Puppet Mechanic.

Reloaded: Anniversary Weekender, Saturday 8th October 2022. Klub Kakofanney has been supporting live music in Oxford since 1991. Our 30th Anniversary celebrations should have taken place in October 2021, but covid postponed the party. Our Saturday show featured the synth sequences of Sixteen Shadows, the melodious music of Mila Todd, the haunting vocals of Emma Hunter, the rumbustuous rock of The Mighty Redox, and the simply amazing MarysGarden.

Reloaded: Anniversary Weekender, Friday 7th October 2022. Celebrating over 30 years of supporting local music, despite pandemics postponing the party, this is from our Friday show and features the acoustic blues of Delta Hardware, the electric rock of Alcon Blue, and the reggae rhythms of Zaia.

Reloaded: Flavours of Klub Kakofanney (15), 2015-2019. A vibrantly colourful selection of some fantastic bands who have appeared at Klub Kakofanney in the past. It starts with the amazing UK:ID who rocked up from Glastonbury way back in 2015, followed by Reading's avant-garde Adam & Elvis who rolled into town in 2018, and finishes with a 2019 clip of Oxford's heavyweight instrumental trio, Grudgewood, who were simply magnificent.

Reloaded: Flavours of Klub Kakofanney (14), 2018-2019. Clips from our past Klub Kakofanney events featuring the wonderful Waterfahl in early 2019, a non-stop number from the hyperactive Be Still in late 2018, a breathtakingly-good piece from Third Lung in the winter of 2019, and a sublime special from the barcoded Brown Glove in the summer of 2018.

Reloaded: Flavours of Klub Kakofanney (Baker's Dozen), 2017 and 2019. This compilation features Pandapopalypse when they fizzed and popped at Klub Kakofanney in 2019, a vibrant Mamzer from 2017, Storyteller also from 2017 playing one of their older songs, and rounding out the compilation is The Shapes in 2019 singing a thoughtful and thought-provoking song about the importance of friends.

Reloaded: Flavours of Klub Kakofanney (Twelfth Man), 2015. This collection features four Oxford bands which all last appeared at Klub Kakofanney back in 2015: The Illuminati, These Are Our Demands, Cosmosis, and Phyal. As far as I know, none of these bands are still active, but are a good reminder that there is a rich abundance of talent and artistic creativity in local music.

Reloaded: Flavours of Klub Kakofanney (Legs Eleven), 2014-2018. This collection includes Not Too Shabby from 2014, Fuzzy Logic, who came from London in 2015, a snippet from the Klub Kakofanney 25th birthday party in 2016 featuring the amazing Vienna Ditto, then the Demoiselles in 2017, and all rounded off with a piece from Gravid in 2018.

Reloaded: Flavours of Klub Kakofanney (part 10), 2017-2018. This compilation features the utterly uncompromosing high-energy punk poetry with attitude from The Overload, some special sounds from The Scissors who came over from Cambridge, music from local favourites Fuji having a fun time on a Friday night, and finishes off with a subtle yet high-impact piece by the nuanced Nightjar from Aylesbury.

Reloaded: Flavours of Klub Kakofanney (part 9), 2016-2019. Some bands you may have forgotten about, but are worth remembering. From our Friday night sessions over the past few years, here is The Brickwork Lizards (2016), Lake Of Kings (2017), Restructure (2018), and Full Circle Blue (2019).

Reloaded: Flavours of Klub Kakofanney (part 8), 2016-2019. It starts loud and it gets louder. A selection five pieces from past Klub Kakofanney events, featuring Cora Pearl, Spinnerfall, Juliet and The Raging Romeos, Old Ernie, and Monkfish. The piece by Old Ernie was from a Klub Kakofanney night held in Modern Art Oxford, when we had to relocate at short notice due to decorating over-run at The Wheatsheaf.

Unplugged: Samuel Edwards, April 2020. Samuel Edwards plays and sings some of his orginal material for Klub Kakofanney, played from the living room, with a couple of Wheatsheaf flashbacks just for good measure.

Reloaded: Flavours of Klub Kakofanney (part 7), 2019. The video starts with Puppet Mechanic singing about orbital dynamics, followed by James from Juniper Nights doing a solo acoustic slot for us, Waterfahl providing some virtuoso harmonica, and all topped off with those fun guys from shark-infested Aylesbury, The White Tips.

Reloaded: Flavours of Klub Kakofanney (part 6), 2018-2019. lips from Sunday afternoon social sessions in the Wheatsheaf, featuring Luke from Enjoyable Listens accompanied by his iPhone, Duo Cani singing in Italian, Firegazer, Tracy Island, and all topped off with a dose of Adam & Elvis.

Reloaded: Mad Larry, 2016-2017. Larry Reddington, a local blues and rock musician, known to many as the drummer from Steamroller and as the front man of The Mad Larry Band, sadly passed away at the end of January 2021. These are a couple of pieces from his Klub Kakofanney appearances in 2016 and 2017. Thank you for the music Larry.

Reloaded: Flavours of Klub Kakofanney (part 5), 2014-2015. A blast from the Klub Kakofanney past, featuring pieces by Empty Vessels, Amoral Compass, Phyal, and Space Heroes Of The People.

Reloaded: Flavours of Klub Kakofanney (part 4), 2015-2019. A selection of videos from Klub Kakofanney club nights, featuring singer songwriters who generally favour acoustic guitar. This collection includes Laima Bite (2018), Mark Tollis and Mark Bosley (2015), Ash Lewis (2107), Waterfahl (2019), and The Scott Gordon Band (2019).

Reloaded: New Year's Eves, 2015-2018. New Year's Eves at Klub Kakofanney are always a fun night, local bands and musicans letting their hair down, chaotic stages, drinking, dancing, and a whole lotta fun. This collection features Des Barkus (2015), Self Help (2017), Osprey and the OX4 AllStars (2018), and The Mighty Redox (2018).

Reloaded: Flavours of Klub Kakofanney (part 3), 2018-2019. Some video clips are all from upstairs shows, pieces from the lighter end of the rock music spectrum. The featured artists in this selection are: The Shapes, Puppet Mechanic, Matt Sewell and Phil Freizinger, and Emma Hunter.

Reloaded: Flavours of Klub Kakofanney (part 2), 2019. A selection of pieces from the Klub Kakofanney Sunday Sessions, free gigs held on the ground floor of The Wheatsheaf, featuring Tracy Island, Tony and Sal, Mark Atherton and Friends, Adam and Elvis, and our favourite landlocked sea-shanty band, The Monkeyfists.

Reloaded: Flavours of Klub Kakofanney (part 1), 2018-2019. Some outstanding pieces from the Klub Kakofanney stage over the last couple of years, featuring Grudgewood, Enjoyable Listens, Brown Glove, and Pandapopalypse.

Reloaded: Flights of Helios, 2016 and 2019. The antidote to lockdown blues, those masters of magical musicality, the ever popular Flights Of Helios have played several times at Klub Kakofanney, and these clips come from their appearances in 2016 and 2019.

Reloaded: Mobius, July 2019. The geometrically enhanced band Mobius made their Klub Kakofoanney debut in the summer of 2019, bringing us rock guitars and drums, an added dimension of violin, and vocals with unexpected twists and turns.

Reloaded: Barry and The Beachcombers, July 2018. For one night only in 2018, Barry and The Beachcombers dug out the costumes and instruments and gave Klub Kakofanney a night to remember. The band consisted of Chris on vocals, Ali (cow suit) on guitar, David (clown make-up) playing bass, and Jason at the back, whacking the drums.

Reloaded: Duchess at The Wheatsheaf, May 2015. This is a flashback to a fun night in March 2015 when Duchess played the Wheatsheaf. The line up on this night consisted of Katie on vocals and drum, Will on drums, Dan on drums, Thomas on drums, Steve on bass, and Pete Hughes from Brightworks standing in on guitar.

Unplugged: Emma Hunter, 4th September 2020. Emma and Tom bring a flavour of Mexico in this Flamenco-inspired Klub Kakofanney Unplugged session. Emma proves that you can sing in a face mask, but seeing your guitar pedals is a bit trickier.

Reloaded: Adam and Elvis, December 2019. Adam and Elvis, a band from Reading, have played at Klub Kakofanney many times in the last few years, and in this collage of clips, we show them playing both our club nights and at one of our Sunday afternoon sessions.

Reloaded: The Mighty Redox, June 2019. The Mighty Redox gave their usual high-energy animated performance at Klub Kakofanney in June 2019, featuring Sue on vocals, Phil on guitar, Sandro on basss, and that man Sam again, borrowed from the Peerless Pirates and standing-in on drums as the regular Redox drummer, Rick had suffered a hand injury.

Reloaded: The Balkan Wanderers, November 2014. Oxford's favourite gypsy ska punk folk band, The Balkan Wanderers produced a night of music and dance back in 2014 when they played at Klub Kakofanney. The line-up consisted of Antica on vocals, Stuart on guitar, Marc on bass, Clare on clarinet, and Rene on drums.

Reloaded: Ciphers, April 2018. Smooth rock from Ciphers when they played at Klub Kakofanney in April 2018. The band consists of Mila on vocals, Lyndsey on bass, Pete and Kieran on guitars, and Sam on the drums.

Unplugged: Mark Atherton and Julie Dyson, July 2020. The master of all things Middle Ages, Mark Atherton, and partner in crime, Julie Dyson, bring some of the spirit of King Canute to Klub Kakofanney, played on the Irish bouzouki, with the odd piece of melodica, rattles, and bell as well.

Unplugged: Self Help, July 2020. After six months of the 2020 lockdown, the Self Help gang were finally able to get together for this unplugged performance for Klub Kakofanney in a back garden in East Oxford.

Reloaded: Firegazer, July 2018. Local folk band Firegazer played tracks from their upcoming album, Healing. The band featured Sal on guitar, Graham on bass, Chris hidden away behind the drumkit, and Alan on an instrument rarely seen at gigs, the accordion.

Unplugged: Mark Bosley, June 2020. Attention people of Oxford, here is more music from Mark Bosley playing an unplugged session for Klub Kakofanney, with just a little help and moral support from his metal-coated friends intent on domination of time and space.

Reloaded: Richie Stix and the Brain-People, November 2019. Impugnity, impugnity, one law for you, but not for me. No, its not a Dominic Cummings press release. Its Richie Stix and the Brain-People playing at Klub Kakofanney, and everyone's happy at last. The band consists of Ken on drums, Jess on bass, and Stix on guitar and vocals.

Unplugged: Pete Lock, June 2020. Pete Lock takes Klub Kakofanney Unplugged on a trip down memory lane, playing some of the music he wrote when in the band Moiety.

Reloaded: The Callow Saints, April 2019. The Callow Saints, long-time favourites at Klub Kakofanney, made the trip across from Aylesbury to headline Sue's birthday gig in April 2019. The line up was Oran on bass, Alex on drums, Dan on guitar, and Ruby on vocals.

Reloaded: Fracture, February 2017. Fracture played several times over the years at Klub Kakofanney, and this selection comes from the band's headline set in the Wheatsheaf in 2017.

Unplugged: Sue and Phil of The Mighty Redox, 31st May 2020. Sue and Phil share some recollections of Vienna, which gives new insights into the lyrics of their song, Edward, in this living room gig for Klub Kakofanney Unplugged.

Unplugged: Phil and Sue of The Mighty Redox, 24th May 2020. Phil and Sue bring us a couple of songs for relationships to this weekend's Klub Kakofanney Unplugged, but which do you think makes the better love song? Summer's Day? Or War?

Unplugged: Sue and Phil of The Mighty Redox, 17th May 2020. Phil and Sue bring us acoustic versions of songs with antipodean origins to Klub Kakofanney Unplugged, and as a bonus, we have Renzo, the youngest ever performer in a Klub Kakofanney set, assisted by mum Ella on the keyboard

Reloaded: Beaver Fuel, February 2019. Beaver Fuel stepped in at the last moment to headline our February gig and delighted us all when they rocked the Sheaf bar and much squeaking and gurning ensued. As you might expect with Beaver Fuel, this is not a video for the faint-hearted.

Unplugged: Sue and Phil of The Mighty Redox, 10th May 2020. Sue and Phil of The Mighty Redox sing an acoustic version of Coconut Trees, which is one of the songs from the band's last-album, the fan-funded Beyond Our Eyes, plus other songs you may not have heard before.

Unplugged: Phil and Sue of The Mighty Redox, 3rd May 2020. In keeping with tradition, Phil and Sue play a special May Day celebrations performance for Klub Kakofanney Unplugged. But are they just too darn rude?

Unplugged: Pete Lock, 3rd May 2020. That veteran of the Oxford music scene, Pete Lock, brings us Klub Kakofanney Unplugged from in front of the bookcase. Do my eyes deceive me, or have I spotted another Tardis in the background?

Reloaded: Peerless Pirates, July 2019. Perennial favourites of Klub Kakofanney, the Peerless Pirates, played at the Wheatsheaf on a hot summer evening in 2019 and soon had the crowd singing and dancing. This gig marked the launch of their new album. The crew consists of Cliff at the tiller, with Owen on guitar, Stuart on bass, and Sam on the drums.

Unplugged: Sue and Phil of The Mighty Redox, 26th April 2020. Punk rock hippies on acoustic guitar? Sue and Phil takes Klub Kakofanney Unplugged on another journey through rarely-heard songs and anecdotes, and as a bonus you get a tour through Sue's musical menagerie museum.

Reloaded: Phyal, December 2015. This epic performance at Klub Kakofanney was Phyal's last gig. This song's called Stayin In", says Glenda. "Its about stayin in". A rock anthem for these times?

Unplugged: Mark Bosley, 19th April 2020. Mark Bosley delights us with some of his original songs for Klub Kakofanney Unplugged. And yes, that is a Tardis in the background.

Unplugged: Phil and Sue of The Mighty Redox, 19th April 2020. Recorded over the Easter weekend, Phil and Sue bring another installment of Klub Kakofanney Unplugged from a south Oxford sitting room.

Reloaded: Storyteller, January 2019. In darkest winter at the start of 2019, Klub Kakofanney enjoyed some reggae sunshine and funk from a fantastic set by Storyteller.

Unplugged: Brown Glove, 12th April 2020. Gemma and David take Klub Kakofanney Unplugged on a trip through the wonderful world of Brown Glove,.... and you thought their stage show was weird.

Reloaded: Balloon Ascents, June 2015. A real treat for music fans in this Klub Kakofanney Reloaded. Previously unseen footage of that great Oxford band, Balloon Ascents, when they played at Klub Kakofanney in June 2015.

Unplugged: Sue and Phil of The Mighty Redox, 5th April 2020. Sue and Phil sing and play an acoustic Klub Kakofanney Unplugged set from the sitting room, but still manage to slip a bit of electronica in there. "Our belief in love has never been stronger", they say, "We love you all". Oh when will we meet again? When will we meet again?

Reloaded: Crystallite, February 2016. This Klub Kakofanney Reloaded video features clips from February 2016 when Crystallite made their first appearance on the Klub Kakofanney stage and rattled the rafters with a masterclass of rumbustious rock.

Unplugged: Phil and Sue of The Mighty Redox, 28th March 2020. We can't hold gigs at The Wheatsheaf right now, but that will not stop the music. This goes out to all the friends and loyal fans of Klub Kakofanney, a special Klub Kakofanney Unplugged performance by Phil and Sue of The Mighty Redox playing a small selection of their songs. Wishing you blue skies.