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KLUB KAKOFANNEY all-time bands and artists (started 1991)

Bands and artists who have played at Klub Kakofanney since 1991

Many bands and artists have appeared on Klub Kakofanney stages since we started back in 1991. Some were solo musicians, and some were large bands. Some were making their first stage appearances, and some were veteran musicians with many years of performing experience. Some were from Oxford, some were from other towns and cites, and even from as far afield as Australia. This is the hall of fame of all those people who played their music for us. A huge thank you to each and every one of you.


Talc Demons
Tanners Pool
Team Camino
The Aboriginals
The Ant Kelly Collective
The Arousers
The August List
The Balkan Wanderers
The Beard Of Destiny
The Big Speakers
The Black Hats
The Borough
The Brickwork Lizards
The Cellar Family
The CherryBombers
The Cymbal Shards
The Dead Letters
The Deadbeat Apostles
The Demoiselles
The Deputees
The Dharma
The DrugSquad
The Dusty Sundays
The Eavesdroppers
The Elements
The Epstein
The Ethics
The Evenings
The Factory Lights
The G's
The Goggenheim
The Graceful Slicks
The Halcyons
The Half Rabbits
The Hawkhurst
The Headington Hillbillies
The Holy Fools
The Honkies
The Idea
The Indescribable Unknown
The Inigo Jones Band
The Jesters
The Kafirs
The Kate Garrett Band
The Lost Art
The Mad Larry Band
The Mark Atherton Band
The Mark Bosley Band
The Medicine
The Mighty Redox
The Missing Notes
The Mules
The New Moon
The Night Terrors
The Odd Couple
The Offence
The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band
The Other Ones
The Others
The Overload
The Pete Fryer Band
The Pink Diamond Revue
The Reckless Sleepers
The Relationships
The Right Hooks
The Rooster Band
The Roundheels
The Scissors
The Scott Gordon Band
The Shakellers
The Shapes
The Station
The String Project
The Taliband
The Thurston Bayne Band
The Treat
The Turbulence
The Unforgiven
The Valley Dolls
The Vicars Of Twiddly
The White Tips
These Are Our Demands
Third Eye Image
Third Lung
Tinsel Town
Tongue and Groove
Tongue Tide
Tony Batey
Tony Batey and Sal Moore
Tony and Sal
Torn Like Colours
Tracy Island
True Rumour
Twelve Clay Feet
Twizz Twangle
Two Pure




Zim Grady

Some bands and artists have played multiple times over the years since Klub Kakofanney was founded in 1991. Others have played in more than one band in that time, or perhaps in the same band but under different stage names. We have tried to include everyone we could remember, but if we've missed anyone off, please let us know.

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